​patrón Platinum Margarita

This silvery margarita will be the star of any show.


Outbound Train

This decadent dessert cocktail draws inspiration from Mexican hot chocolate.


The Art Of Aging Tequila

Barrel-aging spirits enhances and impacts flavor, but the quality of the end product always begins with good tequila.


In Puerto Rico, Rum Production Is Back On

The unofficial spirit of the Caribbean carries on after the storm.


The Geniuses Of Jalisco

Meet the master distillers turning years of history and experience into tequila perfection.


Best New Bar Products: Part 1

We rounded up some of the best non-alcoholic mixers and accessories that debuted at this year's Tales for your perusal.

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‘Beyond Bars’ initiative gives ex-cons a chance to start over

The bar industry is known for attracting unconventional souls, those who reject the formal white-collar world in favor of an atmosphere that’s more sociable. Forgiving, even.


A Guide To Simple (and Not-so-simple) Syrups, Plus 9 Creative Recipes

Syrups are fundamental ways to add subtle sweetness and flavor to a well-balanced cocktail. Here's how to make and use them, plus a few of our favorite recipes.


How to Cross-Build Cocktails for Speed and Consistency

Cross-building cocktails can save bartenders' time and energy — learn how to organize your well, memorize ingredients and build multiple cocktails at once.


16 Tips for Barrel-Aging Your Cocktails

A barrel-aging pro shares the advice, techniques and wisdom he's picked up along the way.

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