Why Georgia Is A Hotspot For Natural Wines

They’ve been making wine for thousands of years in this Black Sea country – and now it’s at the forefront of a renaissance in traditional methods


Ofm’s Classic Cookbook: Elizabeth David’s An Omelette And A Glass Of Wine

Chef Margot Henderson says Elizabeth David’s words are wise and clear – and this book, a collection of recipes and robust opinions, is an essential read


Wines With Altitude

Pristine and fresh wines which have been grown in mountain vineyards, by David Williams


Soulshakers’ Blood Orange Mimosa

Cocktail of the week An eyecatching and refreshin snifter for brunch or cocktail hour


Quality Versus Value Wines: Can You Have Both?

Supermarket wine isn’t a bad place to start if you want to discover unfamiliar wines at a reasonable price


Drink In The View: Brewdog To Open Its First Uk ‘beer Hotel’

The craft beer brand has revealed plans for a 26-room hotel next to its brewery in Scotland for guests looking for a hoppy holiday – and those who just want to get drunk without leaving their room


Prost! How To Drink ‘beer’ Like A German Olympic Athlete

The country’s team has been knocking back the alcohol-free booze to rehydrate. Here are five to try if you want to join them


A London Craft Beer Brewer – In Pictures

Jaega Wise is head brewer at Wild Card Brewery in Walthamstow, London, where she produces several of the core range of beers as well as the odd special brew


Selections Inspired By Salvador Dalí’s Surreal Wine Book

The great artist’s left field approach somehow makes sense. By David Williams


Arsenic In Food And Beer – Archive, 15 February 1901

15 February 1901: A lecture given in London explains how arsenic can contaminate what we eat and drink

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