Gin Tonic: The Rare Botanicals Giving The Spirit A South African Twist

South Africa’s Western Cape is home to thousands of unique plant species infusing a new range of gins


Logan Plant: Going On The Road With My Dad Opened My Eyes

The founder of Beavertown Brewery explains how his father, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, influenced his love for beer


English Champagne Anyone? British Wine Goes From Sad To Sparkling

With Taittinger planting vines in Kent and British wine getting global recognition, the country’s wine producers are thriving


Coca-cola’s ‘health By Stealth’ Wheeze Is Sneaky. But If It Works So Be It

People don’t like being told what’s good for them. But secretly subtract sugar from many food and drink recipes – and no one even notices


Coca-cola Says Sugar Cuts Have Not Harmed Sales

Firm has quietly reduced sugar content in Sprite, Dr Pepper and Fanta, and is considering using smaller cans and bottles


French Champagne House Taittinger Plants First Vines In English Soil

Prestigious champagne producer begins operations at vineyard in Kent aimed at producing sparkling wine by 2023


Canada authorities recall Bombay Gin accidentally made twice as strong

Provincial authorities across Canada have issued a recall of a popular brand of gin after it was discovered that some bottles may contain 77% alcohol rather than the 40% listed on the bottle.


English Vineyards Report ‘catastrophic’ Damage After Severe April Frost

French winemaking regions including Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy also face squeeze after sub-zero temperatures


Plastic Bottles Are A Recycling Disaster. Coca-cola Should Have Known Better

The drinks company junked its re-use system. Now the oceans are full of rubbish, will it clean up its act?


Hate The Pepsi Ad, But Love The Heineken One? You’ve Been Duped

That vague progressivism is now a better way to sell beer than, say, hot chicks in bikinis, reflects shifting societal attitudes for which Heineken gets no credit

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