‘so British It Even Tastes Great Warm’ – The Breweries Inspired By Brexit

From Brexit Solution to If Tha Brexit Tha Fixes It, beers and bars around the world are being named after the UK’s decision to leave the EU


Have Your Cake And Eat It: Thomasina Miers’ Recipes For Christmas Baking

Christmas baking is all about keeping the work to a minimum and the flavour to the max


Three Fortified Wines For Christmas

A port, a tannat and a sherry to round off your feast


High-street Heroes: 10 Of The Best Supermarket Wine Bargains For Christmas 2017

Our drinks writer picks her favourite high-street treats to make Christmas 2017 go with a bang, from reds and whites to fizz and sweet


The Boot Inn, Repton, Derbyshire: Hotel Review

Ale fans will love this cosy, stylish pub with its own brewery, in the heart of this curious little village – and the food’s quite something, too


All Shook Up: Hawksmoor’s Favourite Winter Cocktail Recipes

Fancy creating a stir this Christmas? The award-winning restaurant group has a drink to suit every occasion


Head To Head: How Do Indie Brewers Compete With The Multinationals?

As global companies buy up craft breweries, smaller players need to make more noise to survive, says one brewer


Sparkling Conversation: Could Listening To Champagne Reveal Its Quality?

The sound of bubbles forming in a glass of fizz might reveal their size – often linked to quality – but choice of receptacle also plays a part, research suggests


A Toast To Catalonia’s Wines

If one good thing has come out of the independence referendum held in October, it’s international interest in Catalan culture, including its lusicous wines, says David Williams


Cocktail Of The Week: Behind This Wall’s Lickety Split Recipe

Bourbon, red wine, lemon, bitters and a herby honey syrup: what’s not to like?

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