Kids Can Help Make Chocolate Monkey Bread On Snowy Weekend

Cinnamon, sugar and brioche dough weren’t enough — we added chocolate to this killer recipe.


Sushi Burritos Are All The Rage, But Do They Measure Up On Nutrition?

SU&BU's Samurachi burrito is made with chunks of tuna and salmon, along with cucumber, red cabbage, avocado and lettuce.

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He Was Canada’s First Bachelor. Now, Brad Smith Is Having A Love Affair With Food

The former Bachelor Canada and Chopped Canada host has long loved dabbling in the kitchen. He’s now part owner of Resto Boemo in the Assembly Chef’s Hall in Toronto.


Dinner In A Flash With Peppery Couscous Soup And Salmon

Basic broth is elevated with onions, fennel and black pepper before it's simmered with potatoes, salmon and couscous

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Walrus Pub & Beerhall Enhances Bay St. Dining Options

The Walrus Pub and Il Covo open, Zebu Steak + Bar is coming and King Henry VIII closes in Bloor West Village.


How To Buy The Perfect Wines For Your Next Big Bash

Carolyn Evans Hammond has some tips to navigate the perilous decision of buying wine for a gathering of more than 50 people.


Queens Quay Offers Delicious Flavours To Go With Stunning Views

The restaurants at Queen’s Quay Terminal, right at the edge of the lake, have dining options worth stopping to sample.


How To Sharpen A Knife With Household Objects

If you don't have a proper whetstone, try using an emery board or a coffee mug to put a keen edge on your blade.


This Hearty Soup Will Warm You Up

Ricardo's recipe for wild rice and duck confit soup is chock-full of flavours and textures.


Gold Nugget Mandarin A Gem Of California Sunshine

Bumpy golden skin is easy to peel and high in oil, giving it a shiny appearance and perfumed aroma.

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