‘oh Hi!’ Pepsi Launches ‘bubly’ Sparkling Water

PepsiCo's Bubly sparkling water has no artificial sweeteners or calories


Coffee In California May Soon Come With A Cancer Warning

It contains acrylamide, a possible carcinogen


A Rogue Distillery Worker Stole $100,000 Worth Of Whiskey

It might have to be destroyed


Coke Zero Is Being Killed Off And Replaced With A New Recipe

We?re confident that loyal Coke Zero fans will love the new-and-improved recipe,


Bombay Sapphire Gin Recalled In Canada For Having Nearly Twice As Much Alcohol

The bottles in question contained up to 77% of alcohol instead of the advertised 40%


Snl Imagines How The ‘tone-deaf’ Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial Came About

"It's an homage to the resistance"


The World’s Strongest Coffee Is Now Available In The U.s.

The coffee has four times more caffeine than an average 12-ounce cup


4 Ways Your Beer Might Be Lying To You

Even your favorite brews can't be trusted nowadays.


Wine-Infused Coffee Is Here to Prove You Can Have It All

Just the relaxing afternoon pick-me-up the doctor ordered.


This $4,000 Rolling Stones Tequila tastes like Scotch

What does a $4,000 bottle of tequila taste like?

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