This $4,000 Rolling Stones Tequila tastes like Scotch

What does a $4,000 bottle of tequila taste like?


These Men Are Harvesting Wine From Namibia`s Palm Trees

Namibia’s dynamic culture may be modernizing but the country still has one foot in its ancient past.


Here’s How Rich You’d Be if You Stopped Drinking

You can save hundreds each month even if you don't go cold turkey.


$56 Million of Cocaine Found at Coca-Cola Factory in France

The contraband had arrived from Costa Rica


University of Wisconsin at Madison is the No 1 Ranked Party School in America

Go Badgers!


The Case Against Low-Fat Milk Is Stronger Than Ever

If you're still drinking skim, read this


Is your expensive health drink worth it?

Experts tell you which health elixirs are worth your money


How Coffee Can Help You Live Longer

New findings add to growing evidence that coffee may actually have some benefits


How Lousy Airplane Coffee Inspired This Man to Chase His Own Java Dream

Former pilot, sick of bad airplane joe, opens shop to peddle the good stuff.


Canned Cold Coffee is the Next Big Food Craze

Coffee, which has been "slow" for years, can finally be made "fast" thanks to iced coffee's popularity.

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