This Wine Gun Bottle Opener

The ‘Wine Gun’ from WineOvation is an electric wine opener with a design that mimics the aesthetic of a lethal weapon.


Portable Single-Glass Wine Aerators

The Eparé Pocket Wine Aerator is a handy product that looks to mimic the wine aging process in order to make an ordinary glass of wine taste more extraordinary.

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This LEGO Coffee Maker brews hot coffee without melting the plastic bricks

Though coffee snobbery is all too common today, the makers at Astonishing Studios aren’t taking the hot beverage too seriously, as their ‘LEGO Coffee Maker’ shows.


Packaging Spotlight: Animalistic Wine Labels

Creative agency ‘Onice Design’ recently conceived these animalistic liquor bottle labels for the Benazzoli wine brand.


Uber Chile launches on-demand wine tours

UberWine is a new experiential project to be introduced by the innovators at Uber Chile.


Wine-Infused Overnight Face Masks

Holika Holika’s Wine Therapy overnight mask pack includes two products, a red wine and white wine mask that are blended with nourishing minerals and organic herbs.


These Booze Tubes Help Conceal Alcohol in the Form of a Tampon

The ingenious thinking behind Booze Tubes allows any female to conceal alcohol secretly in a tampon-inspired holder.


Packaging Spotlight: Moonberry Wines

The creation of Moonberry wine and its packaging is a beautiful example of how gift giving should be.


Packaging Spotlight: Embroidery Wine Bottles

The dark wine bottle packaging for Vlahiko was developed by the Kommigraphics Design Studio to bring a sense of nostalgia to the hybrid wine.


Hand-Fitted Wine Glasses

The ‘Meld Wine’ glass design is perfect for people who lose their coordination after a few drinks of wine.

The wine glass design of the Meld Wine allows for an easy means of gripping your drink. The small gaps at the bottom of the glass allow wine drinkers to fit their fingers into the cups with ease.

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