Is Pink, Glittery Unicorn Tears Gin The Joe Camel Of Liquor?

Unicorn Tears Pink Gin Liqueur is here. Some say it's "too pretty to drink," but is it really just marketing to children?


Growler Power: The Big Impact Of Large-format Beers

Growlers might seem like an offshoot of craft brewing, but they have long been a staple of American beer culture. Here, a history lesson.


12 Things You Should Know About Corona

Consider this your handy 12-pack of facts about Corona, the Mexican lager that officially became the number one beer import of the United States in 2017.


Gin And Tonic Spread: The Best Thing Since, And For, Sliced Bread

Spreadable Gin, the edible, spreadable, booze-infused food you've been waiting for, is now available for preorder in the U.K.


The 10 Cheeses You Need To Know To Understand All Cheese Ever

Navigating the vast world of cheese can be intimidating. Master the cold case with a few shortcuts and tips from an expert cheesemonger.


Ryan Reynolds Buys Major Stake In Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds is now an owner of small-batch gin brand, Aviation Gin, becoming the latest celebrity to cash in on the liquor trend.


Curb Appeal: Denver Winemakers Are Amphora-aging Sparklers In A Suburban Strip Mall

Marko and Ivanka Copic are creating award-winning wines in an unexpected place: a strip mall 25 miles outside of Denver, Colorado.


Six Charitably-minded Beers To Drink For A Good Cause

Beer and community go hand in hand. These six beers brewed in partnership with charitable organizations prove that you can give back, one beer at a time.


Study Says Alcohol More Important Than Exercise For Living Into Your 90s

In a ten-year study of nearly 2,000 people, participants who drink beer and wine are likelier to live past 90 than those with seemingly "healthier" habits.


Drunk In Love: Four Sommelier-approved Wedding Wine Hacks, Plus 20 Affordable Bottles

Planning a wedding is all about the details ? all 20,000 of them. From wine kegs to bulk bottle discounts, here are somms' tips for your big day.

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