Your Next Handbag Might Be Made Out Of Wine

Two separate groups are working on creating leather made out of wine waste. Here's who they are and how they're planning to do it.


Baby Hippo Fiona Gets Her Own Beer

Fiona the baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo recently got her own beer from the Listermann Brewing company. Proceeds will go to the zoo.

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The South Is A Slumbering Craft Beer Giant, Says Brewers Association Economist

The growth of craft beer is finally starting to level off on a national level. But there's one region primed for more: the South.


An Illustrated Guide To Nebbiolo

Get to know everything you need to understand one of the world's most coveted red wines, Nebbiolo, also known as Barolo or Barbaresco.


Obama Is In Italy And He Really Loves The Wine

While the Pope spent his last few days with President Trump, the Obamas, also in Italy, had a much more interesting (wine-soaked) adventure


This Music Festival Built A 4-mile Beer Pipeline

Every year, some 75,000 metal music fans gather on a farm for the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. An average of 105,000 gallons of beer is consumed over the three day festival, which means a lot


We Tasted Beer And Wine Lollipops And Here’s How They Stacked Up

Lollyphile, a lollipop company that makes alcohol flavored lollipops, sent us six beer and wine flavors. Here's how they stacked up to the real thing.


Stop Ordering The Same Wine

In a world full of mesmerizing grape varieties and spellbinding appellations, the biggest disservice you're doing to yourself is ordering the same wine.


This Puppy Can Balance A Wine Glass On His Nose [photos]

That's right, your best wine drinking buddy isn't actually your closest girlfriend or colleague at work-- he actually has four legs and a tail.


Someone Invented An Espresso-making Phone Case

An Italian company is working on creating a phone case that makes an espresso shot inside of the case. It's probably a bad idea.

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