Does Loving Wine Make You Politically Progressive? One Writer Thinks It Should.

Andrew Jefford argues that ?Wineism? embraces the ideals of tolerance and environmentalism.


A Veteran Winemaker Throws Out The Wine-selling Playbook

With his new venture, Adam Lee embraces community and social media.


8 Irish Whiskeys To Try When You Want To Get Serious

To go deeper than the lighter blends, here?s where to start.


In Napa Valley, The Scars Of The October Wildfires Are Hard To Spot

California wine country has rebounded.


How Can Producers Secure Zinfandel’s Future? By Looking To The Past.

WINE | DNA testing and a heritage vine program aim to help a California grape evolve.


How An 80-pound Goldendoodle Helped Build A California Wine Brand

Smith Story Wine Cellars used crowdfunding and a social media interest in dogs to fund a business ? and philanthropy.


Why I Use Phrases Like ‘tobacco Leaf,’ ‘black Fruit’ And ‘jammy’ To Describe Wine

We wine writers try to telegraph a lot in a short description. Here?s how to decode.


There’s More Than One Reason To Taste Wine With Chocolate

Besides being fun and delicious on its own, the matchups can teach you about other wine and food pairings.


We May Be Drinking Less Wine, But It’s Better Wine

A report shows there?s more interest in $15 to $20 bottles.


How To Find A Wine You Like At A Restaurant: First, Know What To Say

Sommeliers offer tips on how to help them help you.

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