Australian Brewer To Launch ‘fossil Beer’

In 2014, the island made international headlines when "alien-looking" fossils from 500 million years ago were uncovered.


Too Much Beer, Hot Dogs May Up Colon Cancer Risk: Study

Other factors found to increase colorectal cancer include eating high amounts of red meat (above 500 grammes a week), such as beef or pork; and being overweight or obese, researchers said.


World’s Oldest Italian Wine Found

Researchers have found evidence of the world's oldest Italian wine in a large storage jar from the Copper Age which indicates that winemaking in the region began as early a fourth millennium BC.


This Is Why Expensive Wines Taste Better

The phenomenon that identical products are perceived differently due to differences in price is called the "marketing placebo effect."


A Glass Of Wine Can Help Unleash Productivity

Scientists from Austria have found that a small glass of wine can prove helpful in unleashing creativity and boosting memory as well.


Get Your Creative Juices Flowing With A Pint Of Beer, Say Scientists!

Alcohol helps remove parameters which surround a problem, allowing more creative thought, researchers said.


International Beer Day 2017: Five Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Beer!

Every year, the first Friday of August is celebrated as the International Beer Day throughout the world.


Corked Bottles Or Screw Capped? Oxford Scientists Set To Find Out Which Wine Tastes Better!

Taste, like other senses, is subjective and may vary from person to person.

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Beer Inspired From Achaeological Artifacts With A Flavour Of Ancient China Developed!

Researchers from the museum and Off Color Brewing – Chicago Brewery – were inspired by the fruits incorporated in making certain Chinese alcohols as well as the mold saccharification of rice.


New Device May Help Make Wine Aromas Perfect

Acetaldehyde is frequently found in a lot of places and foods, such as fruits, vegetables and human saliva. When present in high amounts in wine, it produces an unpleasant odour and affects the ferm

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