Kenyan Entrepreneur Rushes To Stock Conor Mcgregor’s ‘notorious’ Irish Whiskey


No Surprises As Nairobi Emerges Africa’s 4th Most Expensive Capital City

Nairobi is Africa’s fourth most expensive African city to live in, according to a cost of living index prepared for various cities across the world. Expatistan, an online cost of living calculator,


Rum, Guns And Tea: Unfazed Floridians Don’t Let Irma Dampen Spirits

As veterans of at least half a dozen hurricanes, Steve and Sarah Griffin knew exactly how to cope when Irma bore down on their Clearwater, Florida, home: host an impromptu party for friends who had ev


Competition Increases In Kenya’s Beer Industry

The history of attempting to control Kenya's lucrative alcohol market has been anything but smooth.


Waverley Hills Restaurant

Waverley Hills Restaurant has a great variety of dishes and prices, friendly local staff, great food and beautifully presented!


Researchers Unveiled The First Chicken Meat Grown Without Chickens

Lab-grown meats reduce the reliance of natural resources, but are currently costly endeavors: the first engineered meatball cost $18,000 a pound to produce.


A Tour Through Newlands Brewery

Finally tried the brewery tour...


If You’re A Man, Stop Drinking IPA Beers Immediately

We?re all familiar with the idea of ?beer bellies,? but your love of a cold one with the lads could be affecting your body in another way. India pale ales (IPAs), it turns out, can contribute to a man


Why Wine Is Aged In Oak. A History Lesson

Ever wonder why we started aging wine in oak in the first place? Learn the history and why aging wine in oak makes the wine better.


How Cold Brew Changed The Coffee Business

The iced coffee drink has lifted the industry, creating enormous summertime demand for coffee and a whole new audience.

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