How The Beery Vision Of Brewing A Small Fortune Can Fall Flat

Tax relief, light regulation and crowdfunding has spawned nearly 2,000 craft beer firms in the UK but for every BrewDog dozens will go bust … and soon


Heineken Just Put Out The Antidote To That Pepsi Kendall Jenner Ad

Two strangers with polar opposite views meet in this Heineken ad, which gets political in a way that Pepsi would do well to consider next time.


George Clooney Drinks Four Cups Of Coffee A Day

We asked the actor all about his coffee habits ahead of his new Nespresso ad.


Finally, Black Ice-cream Is A Thing And It Will Match Your Dark Soul

Want something more badass than the usual rainbow-like ice cream to cool your tongue with? Then this charcoal-black icy treat is what you're looking for!


This Gin Apple Pie Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of!

In his latest bake, our supremely talented resident Gin Baker Liam has whipped up a KONGSGAARD GIN-infused apple pie with a crunchy streusel topping. Delicious doesn't even begin to cover it!


Armless Robot Loses Fight To Drunk Man

A 41-year-old Mountain View man was facing charges after he picked a fight with a 5-foot-tall, 300-pound security robot.


The Bottles That Changed South Africa


Jack Daniel’s Coffee Now Exists, So Mornings Are Looking Up

When coffee and whiskey meet it’s… umm… sure to wake you up in the morning? Jack Daniel’s has teamed up with World of Coffee, Inc. to bring you coffee that’s infused with their popular whisk


Champagne Literally Makes Everything Better

But, don’t get too carried away… these health benefits all come with the catch line “within reason”. Don’t go downing a bottle of bubbly a night – in excessive quantities you’ll undo all


If You Want To Have Better Sex, Just Drink Some Red Wine

It’s a long established fact that people get horny when they drink. It’s just science. The smart parts of your brain slow to a glacial pace, while the parts that deal with sex stay woke as ever, h

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