Tequila industry taking shape in South Africa

Tequila has been gaining notable popularity among South African drinkers and the popularity of locally produced tequilas, or rather agave spirits, are starting to soar as high-end makers start to put artisanal and pure versions of the spirit.


The best drunk celebrity moments from the Golden Globes

Here are our favourite 'drunk celebrity' moments from the 2017 Golden Globes, including Goldie Hawn, Cuba Gooding Jr and Jessica Biel.


South Africa’s first crowd-funded wine bar opens in Somerset West

A welcome addition to the Cape’s wine scene is Proof Bar, which opened in Somerset West early January, 2017. 


Fun Ways to Repurpose Your Wine Corks

Throw them at weddings, stuff them into a hole in your wall as an added layer of insulation, and other creative ideas.


The Most Memorable South African Drinks Events of 2016

You might not believe me when I say life of a drinks reporter comes with its fair share of occupational hazards.


How to Choose the Perfect Bottle of Fizz for New Years

It’s almost time to guzzle some sort of fizz at the stroke of Midnight! Question is, what will it be?


5 Drinks that should be on your South African Summer Holiday checklist

The warm weather in South Africa has not let us down this year – no wonder UK, German and Asian tourists are heading to these sunny shores more than ever.


The Best Courtyard Drinking and Dining Spots in Cape Town

With astonishing scenery and ample amounts of sunshine, Cape Town is made for outdoor drinking and dining, but there’s one little catch.


3 Brownies That Are Totally OK To Eat For Breakfast

Each year on December 8, brownie lovers across the world enjoy one of their favourite baked goods on Brownie Day.


Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail with a dash of Caperitif

Happy Cotton Candy Day!

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