Beverage Trend Forecast: Cocktail Trends for 2017

The buzz around cocktails continues to grow and has expanded outside of trend-setting cities like New York and San Francisco. With the growth of cocktail culture, the perceived cocktail snobbery of hi


Drink wine according to your Ayurvedic Dosha

There are several stories making the rounds about wine being healthy. However, the health factor also depends on the alcohol content in the wine.


Surprising facts about South African Brandy

I had the privilege of joining the South African Brandy Foundation for a luncheon this week at 54 on Bath Hotel and I left there with a much deeper understanding of this fine spirit and a need to learn much more.


Simple Sushi Salad with Sauvignon Blanc

This protein-packed sushi salad recipe tastes just like you’d order but is quick and easy to make — no rolling required!


15 Upgraded Bar Snacks and Booze Sponges

From homemade wings to anything loaded with cheese, here's how to elevate your favorite indulgences at home.


The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy

Learn which wine pairs with which tasty treat


Cocktail of the week: Mumbai martini – recipe

Michelin-starred Benares’ take on the classic drink, featuring curry leaf and ginger to winning effect


New Classic Guide to Wine Cocktails

Here's a fun guide outlining 12 classic (and new classic) wine cocktails as well as advice on how to choose wines for cocktails and make your own.


Diogenes of Sinope, the Ancient Philosopher Who Lived in a Wine Barrel

Diogenes of Sinope lived in a wine barrel, urinated in public, and was one of the most beloved philosophers of the 4th century BCE.


Joburg is ready to explore unusual wines

Having relocated to Joburg a year ago, it’s been difficult  (impossible!) to recreate the wine lifestyle I enjoyed in Cape Town, and the few events I’ve attended here have been pretty boring – I know, I probably attended the wrong ones because JOZI LOVES WINE.

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