10 Most Disgusting Things Found in Food

This is not for the squeamish.

Dead mouse found in a Curry Sauce

When Cate Barrett bought a jar of tikka masala sauce from her local Asda store, she was expecting it to contain a bit of a kick. But what she wasn’t expecting to find was the dead mouse which had somehow ended up in the jar – along with the rest of her favorite sauce. The nursery worker had begun making dinner for herself and her boyfriend, Nigel, when she poured the sauce into the pan, and noticed it was a little lumpy. As she began stirring the sauce through, she noticed what looked like whiskers and a tail – and immediately knew it was a dead rodent.

Oven glove found in Hovis loaf

A woman in Northern Ireland discovered part of an oven glove baked into her slice of bread – and she didn’t even notice it until she began eating it. The loaf had been bought from a local shop just before Christmas. When the victim discovered the contamination, she reported the matter to the environmental health section of the council. The packet turned out to be full of shreds of the hessian-type cloth.

Chicken head found in McDonald’s Happy Meal

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