10 of the best budget wines

One thing is common amongst most in January: a stretched budget. Here are ten of the top scoring wines of the Best Value Wine Guide 2013. We love them because not only are these wines of a superb quality, they have a price tag that will allow you to keep coming back for more.

Here’s our pick of the best wines to buy in January:


Secret Cellar MCC Blanc de Blanc 2007

4 star                     R54.99

Made in the same way as Champagne and only from Chardonnay grapes, its deep golden colour is an indication of the age and evolution of the wine. Appetising fresh toast and lime marmalade in abundance on the nose and palate. Complex and layered with lovely yeasty flavours that keep coming in wave after wave. A serious wine that well deserves its 4-star rating.

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