10 Things The Wine Industry Could Learn From Hip-Hop

The wine business could learn a lot about business through Hip-Hop.

1.  Get Shot or Shoot Your Winemaker (a lot)

50 Cent Was Shot 9 times before Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Hit the Streets…  Millions of copies were sold for the sheer fact that we all know he got shot…like all over the place.

How much would your business grow if we knew either you or your winemaker were not only a bad-ass, but bullet ridden and virtually indestructible?  Screw three tier– that’s how direct to consumer legends are made!

2.  Have a primary revenue stream that is not your wine.

Record sales are probably as deep in the shi**er as wine sales-  But the real peeps in hip-hop get their stacks from clothing, energy drinks, events, perfume, franchised dojo’s, etc… just anything that can be rooted back to their music or your wine–   Still, a hip-hop hero needs to keep churning out massive street anthems to keep their other biz ventures alive, and you need to be bottling thunder that will help market the real stuff you can actually make money on.

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