Nine Very Strange Beverage Names

Today we have a look at international beverages with unfortunate labels. Some of the products are intentional, but the others are simple casualties of translation. Warning: Not for the easily offended.

Pee Cola

The west African country of Ghana came up with this bizarre name. This drink use to be produced in the countries capital, Accra. It’s not made from urine and the name “Pee” must have been someone’s name, which is a common name in Ghana or a combination of “Pepsi” and “Coca-Cola. It was last seen on the market in early 2000 and no one really knows what happened to the cola. Sources say that the Managing Director of Pee Cola Limited, Mr. Haren Patel, was arrested for assault in August 2000 which might have cause the end of Pee Cola.

Dirty Dick’s Ale

Dirty Dick’s Ale is a red, copper-coloured amber ale, named after the company’s famous pub in Bishopsgate in London. Not as dirty as it sounds, it turns out. The original Dirty Dick, was Richard, or some say Nathanial or Bentley. When he’s fiancée died he refused to clean anything in his house, shop and warehouse. Things became so filthy that he became a celebrity of dirt. So next time you visit London, go try some Dirty Dick.

Homo erectus also used more diverse and sophisticated tools than its predecessors

Booty Sweat

Rudi Lemieux, also known as ALPA-CHINO is the genius behind Booty Sweat. After receiving a $5 chemistry set on his 13th birthday, he started experimenting with various household products and made a concoction consisting out of ginger ale, sodium citratee, inositol, B12 bicarbonate and guarana. He created a powerful and satisfying soft drink that motivated him to continue studying through the night. Alpa-Chino, the super pimp, decided to call his energy drink “Booty Sweat” and launched an energy bar called “Bust a Nut” a few years later. Do yourself a favour and view the Booty Sweat video here.


From Vergina beer to Erektus Energy drink. Erektus is a mixture of guarana, caffeine, L-carnitine, taurin, vitamins and extracts from various exotic plants. Guarana is a tropical evergreen trailing plant, which comes from the Amazon river basin. This plant restores lost energy to the human body. Unlike coffee, its impact can last for up to several hours. Homo erectus means  “upright man”. A hominid species that is believed to be an ancestor of modern humans. It’s believed that they had a brain about 74 percent of the size of modern man and also used more diverse and sophisticated tools than its predecessors. Must say, they placed a lot of focus on the “erect” part in the logo design.


This coffee drink that seems to promise more than just a caffeine boost. ‘Deeppresso’ is owned by Coca-Cola and is part of a general trend of brand names that appear strange to western minds. Worried about feeling too good? Try Deeppresso and feel the waves of worry wash over you! The coffee was produced for domestic production which means it was deep pressed for more flavour. Did you know: Japan is the only country in the world were CocaCola sells more coffee than Coke. This is definitely a drink for image conscious people.

Santa’s Butt Porter

Everyone wants a piece of Santa’s Butt, right? This special porter is made for winter  and it’s rich and warming, the way they like it in the North Pole. The name was inspired by a famous line from a well-loved children’s story book: “And Santa sat on his great butt, drinking a hearty brew.” In England ‘butt’ refers to a certain barrel used in brewing — a very large barrel, in fact, holding 108 imperial gallons.

Bishop’s Finger

The Bishop’s Finger must be every Nun’s delight! Jokes aside, what’s behind the name? Well, a Bishops Finger is an unusual finger-shaped signpost, still found in Kent, which once pointed pilgrims on their way to Canterbury. Bishops Finger is a strong premium cask-conditioned ale brewed to a traditional Kentish recipe.

Sweetwater Happy Ending Imperial Stout

Can you think of a better name for an after-dinner beer? The cartoon of the winking, cleavage-bearing sexpot masseuse on the label indicates this wasn’t a case of someone having failed to check out the urban dictionary before naming the beer. They are clearly overusing sexuality to appeal to horny men. The description on the label take the cake: “A huge, dry hopped stiffy, for a full-figured beer, resulting in an explosive finish!” Clearly a Happy Ending.


If the name is not funny enough, what do you think “sin gas” stands for? Their by-line should be: “taste the gay side of nature”. Cheery, happy, bright and pleasant, I mean, this Peruvian bottled water is sogay.