10 Ways Alcohol Affects Relationships

A silly smile, you’re euphoric and you see life in pink. These symptoms are reminiscent of both love and drunkenness. Alcohol influences your perception of things changes your behaviour and affects physical activity.

Alcohol changes our perception and how we feel. In small amounts, liquor may make you happy or relaxed, but in too large quantities it can lead to a feeling of sadness or anger. Drinking does not change the problems that are at the root of our feelings. On the contrary, it can make them worse. This is what the show Breathaser explains to us through its various experiments carried out on young people between the age of 20 and 30. 

Drinking is the leading cause of indirect death among 15 to 30-year-olds. Indeed,  Americans drink an average of 2.3 gallons of pure alcohol per year. That’s actually a lot… Some people think that liquor is essential at parties and certain drinks keep them awake. Others think the drink helps them meet people. But what they don’t know is that it changes our behaviour in a romantic relationship.

In a relationship, the use of liquor or drugs can play an ambiguous role. Consuming a product to dare to start, to approach someone, or to dare to have tender gestures, and possibly a sexual relationship can lead to the need to use it again, and then every time.

The other partner may feel that he or she has two people in front of him: one without a product and the other with a product. For example, someone taciturn suddenly becomes playful and talkative, a rather calm person suddenly aggressive, even violent. This duality can disrupt the relationship.

Relationship expert livetray.com does not recommend abusing alcohol in relationships, read below why

1. Drunk with love or alcohol?

According to a study at the University of Birmingham, love has the same effects on the brain as alcohol. The researchers were struck by the resemblance between liquor and oxytocin, more commonly known as the “love hormone”. It promotes altruism and empathy. But beware, only love makes us happy!

2. Alcohol and sex don’t make a good household

Contrary to what you think, liquor and sex do not mix. Indeed, alcohol interferes with orgasm and you may fall asleep! It’s quite humiliating for the other to see their partner fall asleep in action. With everything you’ve drunk like vodka, the first few minutes will be enough to get your nose bitten. In addition, it is well known, in you men, that liquor slows you down and sometimes prevents you from getting an erection, and reduces pleasure and sensitivity in women.

The use of liquor and other drugs can disinhibit and cause the behavior to lose control. Too many encounters end in unwanted and unprotected sex, or even sexual abuse because of drinking.

Under the influence you may not know what you want and what you do not want, you can no longer hear what the other wants or does not want.

3. Alcohol brings out your bad side

Excessive liquor consumption has destructive effects on couples. Indeed, it makes them more aggressive, more jealous and makes them lose self-confidence. Under the effects of liquor, you no longer have control over your words and even if you claim to be “non-aggressive”, it may be that at the first opportunity everything degenerates.

4. A cure for shyness?

Many men (or women of course) are shy and unable to express their feelings. Alcohol here can prove to be a remedy to combat this trait. Indeed, it disinhibits and you will have more “chances” to make your statement to your girlfriend/boyfriend.

5. Violence in the couple

Being under the influence of alcohol can make you violent. Indeed, domestic violence is a real scourge and has been increasing for years because of heavy liquor consumption.

Different violent behaviors (battles, but also suicides, rapes, murders, etc.) may be related to the use of liquor or drugs, as consumption can cause you to lose control of yourself.

6. Deceiving and not remembering it

Alcohol makes us forget a lot of things. In some people, they may even end up forgetting their girlfriend/boyfriend and liquor is often synonymous with deception. And don’t think you’re going out to your girlfriend: “Yeah but I was drunk it doesn’t matter” is a VALID EXCUSE!

7. An unexpected baby?

Speaking of forgetting, liquor can also make you forget that it is important to protect yourself! That’s why sometimes a baby points to the tip of his nose 9 months later!

8. Be a teenager again!

Your relationship is starting to get serious, you may be thinking of settling down together, the laughs are still there. But with alcohol, you can’t control yourself and you think like a teenager!

9. Being drunk together sometimes makes it fun

Drinking with your boyfriend/girlfriend can be very funny. Experience it and you’ll see! But beware, when we talk about being drunk, it’s just drinking moderately!

Remember that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, to consume in moderation!

10. Broken families

In less-privileged countries like the Philippines, drinking is one of the major causes of families breaking apart. A survey conducted by Pulse Asia in 2018 shows that 67.8% of the country’s broken families are a direct result of drinking in fathers (87%) and in mothers (13%). 

Other effects

Although it is very obvious that liquor can destroy relationships, the adverse effects of frequent drinking are evident in many things. Accidents especially in motorcycles are very high on drunk people. In fact, almost 35% of motorcycle accidents in India are caused by DUI. Depression and stress are just by-products of frequent drinking.


Drinking is not totally bad if done moderately and under control. The discussion with friends is good if we share them with beers but when we drink too much, that’s where the problem starts. The human body somehow needs alcohol but don’t overdo it. Anything that is excessive is bad. Not only that we can destroy ourselves, but we can also destroy our relationships too and even the lives of our loved ones.