2021 Goals: Invest In A 24K Gold Coffee Maker

Looking for something to motivate your tastebuds and overall worth? Then this 24K gold coffee maker might just be what you need to seize 2021.

Selling for a cool $18,500, one might expect a complex coffee brewing mechanism, however, that’s not the case. It uses a syphon system to brew coffee. The process is filter-free, meaning the coffee does not go through any artificial filters. Even so, it comes out clean of residue.

On the upside, you get to customize your order by choosing the material its made from and adding name carvings. Gold seems to be the main choice for this exquisite, overpriced, simple coffee maker.

Known as the “Royal Coffee Maker”, it’s hand-carved from 24 gold and only 8 pieces have been produced. It takes no less than 50 man-hours to complete one piece. Craftsmen use wax casting technique to create core elements: gargoyle spigot, fish key, counterweight, oak leaves and finials.

#MondayMotivation if ever there was one!