21 Drinks You Should Try When You Turn 21

Isn’t this the day we all waited forever since our mum allowed us to try that first sip of the wine? Of course, back then you gagged and promised yourself you’ll never take a sip of alcohol ever again in your life. Now, that you graduate from college or high school, you are ready to get into the self-sipping mode and you are welcomed to the other side. So, here are 21 drinks that you must try when you turn 21.  

Scorpion Bowl

Atishay who works with a leading online homework provider and offers accounting homework help says that the first drink he tried at his 21st birthday bash was the Scorpion Bowl. He adds he likes it more since it is the perfect excuse to order hibachi. Scorpion Bowl is basically a fruity drink that is made with grenadine, rum, vodka and gin. It has to be present on every 21-year old’s drinks list.  

Fish Bowl

Carrying the bowl theme forward, the Fish Bowl is another great drink for the newly turned 21-year-olds. Ananya who offers online assignment help, says that this is the perfect drink when you want to get drunk while still wanting to mask the taste of the alcohol. I kid you not, everyone enjoys a Fish Bowl because of its fruity taste and a yummy flavour. 

Vodka Cranberry

Not sure what should be your first drink to order at the club? Then Vodka Cranberry can be a safe bet. Firstly, it is on the cheaper side, however, the price depends on what club you are at. On the whole, it is a true classic that will win you over.  


I am sure you had the first shot of tequila in your friend’s dorm room and it is was strong enough to scar you for life. But mates don’t fear. Once you hit 21, your best friend in liquor will be margaritas. Available in a plethora of flavours and options of frozen or on the rocks, you’ll definitely find something to love for the rest of your life. 

Rum and Coke

Tripti who works with a leading online platform that lets you buy college essays online, says that for anyone who doesn’t cherish fruity drinks, rum and coke is a perfect classic to order. Be it at the club or at the bar, you cannot go wrong with rum and coke. 

Rum Bucket

Want to feel like you are on the tropical island? Well, if yes, go order that rum bucket. Of course, you can either drink it all on your own or share it with your mates. Choose, wisely!

Long Island Iced Tea

Mates, if your idea of liquor is to really get high and tipsy, then this one is for you. Irrespective of where you order, this one is the strongest drink you’ll come across. Popularity known as LIIT, the drink is composed of vodka, tequila, gin, triple sec, rum, and a splash of coke, to give it the look and character of the iced tea. Be bold and order away! 

Draft or Local Beer

A lot of bars and restaurants have a vivid collection of local beers and drafts on the tap. Go ahead, ask the bartender what he or she recommends and order it. Don’t forget to stick with a lighter alternative, if it is your first try. 


Anam who recently had to pay someone to write my research paper, said that her go-to drink has always been Guinness. When it’s St. Paddy’s Day, you cannot miss out on Guinness! If you go to some fancy place, the bartender might even add four leaf clovers in the foam to your drink.  


There are a number of ways for you to enjoy this drink. You can either put a shot of Jäger in a glass of beer or Red Bull. Either way, just be prepared to slug it down quickly. The liqueur was originally brewed as a “digestif”, making it good for your metabolism. You can also check out meticore for metabolism boost.

Blow Job

Yeah, yeah, I said that name right. Now, to take a Blow Job, you really have to put your hands behind your neck and only use your mouth to take this big shot. In this drink, the shot consists of Bailey’s and Kahlúa topped mostly with whipped cream. 

Sex on the Beach

Sarah who works with a leading software review website that does SEO PowerSuite Review, adds that a Sex on the Beach is the ultimate girl drink. It is a fruity vodka concoction which tastes excellent and come on, isn’t it fun saying this phrase to that hot bartender? 

Jameson and Ginger Ale

If you want to show off to all the boys sitting at the bar, then this is the drink for you. Jameson really is a top shelf Irish Whiskey which goes down smoothly.

Fireball Shot

Just relive all your college memories and celebrate with a shot of Fireball. 


If you want to try on a classy drink then Martini is for you. You can find it in a lot of flavours and my favourite in it is the Apple one. And guys, you know it, we all feel cool holding on to a glass of martini

White Sangria

This is a great summery drink to have while you are on the beach or chilling with your friends at home. 


Shaina, who did the best financial modeling course online from a leading tutorial platform, says whenever she wishes to enjoy a good old lazy Sunday brunch, she orders Mimosas. 

Vodka Red Bull

Tired of the long day? Well, order a red bull vodka and you’ll just regain all the energy right at the first sip of this drink. Many youngsters are mixing their alcohol with energy drinks. The caffeine present in energy drinks helps override the depressive effects of alcohol. This can be a serious hazard in terms of health. 


Screwdriver, the name really sounds intense. But, hey don’t worry, it is just your orange juice spiked with some vodka. 


Mojito is a classic and won’t ever make your breath smell bad. So, drink it up and you won’t have to worry of the bad breath ever again. 

Tequila Sunrise

Last on the list, is the tequila sunrise. If margaritas aren’t your thing, then you can try this tequila drink mixed with some grenadine and orange juice. 

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