21 things you only know if you love tea

Boil the kettle, select your brew, add the milk. Are you ready? Now we can begin.

Tea is an art form. It is a ritual, a social crutch and a way of life. It is also delicious.

As a culture we base our days around our tea breaks. A builder’s marks the start of your day, and the end of it when you get home. It is the opening to all meetings at work and the cornerstone of new friendships.

But even in our tea soaked society, there are some of us who are marked out for our love of Lapsang Souchong. For our desire for Darjeeling and our prediliction for PG Tips.

If reading this makes you crave a cuppa, here are 21 things you will understand:

1. Tea in a pot is better

One for me, one for the pot, milk in the jug, teacup at the ready. But it’s just such a faff when you’re on your own.

So you tend not to bother.


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