27 Wines Rate 90+ In The Prescient Sweet Wine and Fortifieds Report 2020

The second Sweet Wine & Fortifieds Report sponsored by multinational financial services company Prescient is now out. Entries were as follows: 1) Natural Sweet – two; 2) Noble Late Harvest – 10; 3) Straw – four; 4) Hanepoot – two; 5) Muscadel – 10; and 6) Port – eight. A total of 36 wines, 27 wines rated 90-plus on the 100-point quality scale, an extremely strong showing.

The 10 best wines overall were as follows:

Boplaas Cape Tawny Reserve 1995

Boplaas Cape Vintage Reserve 2015

De Krans Cape Vintage Reserve 2016

De Krans Cape Vintage Reserve 2017

De Krans Muscat De Frontignan 2019

Delheim Edelspatz Noble Late Harvest 2019

GlenWood Noblesse Grand Duc 2017

Highlands Road Noble Late Harvest 2017

Nuy Rooi Muskadel 2010

Villa Esposto Muscat D’Alexandrie Straw Wine 2017

“South Africa has a long history of making excellent sweet wine and fortifieds. Unfortunately, these wines are currently out of fashion but wine lovers really should engage with them again as there is so much good stuff to be had,” says Christian Eedes, chairman of the tasting panel and Winemag.co.za editor.

Read the report in full, including category definitions, key findings, tasting notes for the top seven and scores on the 100-point quality scale for all wines entered,