3 Booze-free Drinks To Help You Through Dry January

After the festive season, many of us are looking for alternative drinks that will get us through dry January. As the first month of a new year feels like the perfect time for a reset your health, finding non-alcoholic drinks that are refreshing and delicious can actually be more challenging than you think.

Luckily, there are some fantastic options out there that will let you enjoy vibrant flavours, delicious drinks and still stick to those New Year’s resolutions. Here are 3 booze-free cocktails to brighten the dark days of dry January.

Fruit Cordial

Beat the heat this summer with a fruity homemade cordial. Save the strained fruit and use it as a topping for muesli or stir it into your porridge. Find out how to make your own cordial at home and sip away!


Think of switchel as that refreshing summer drink you didn’t know you needed—there’s a reason farmers used to drink it after working in the fields all day. Made with fresh ginger, vinegar, water, and honey, it couldn’t be simpler to make!

Vodka-free White Russian

This alcohol-free White Russian is super delicious and the perfect ‘event’ drink for some sort of celebration or toast. This list of ingredients serves one, so multiply by the number of drinks you need.