3 Celebrity Holiday Cocktail Recipes to Try This New Year

As much as we love the food, decorations and fashion of New Year’s and Christmas get-togethers, let’s be honest, what we’re really in for is the booze. Whether it’s a fancy martini, a warm spiked drink or a good ol’-fashioned cocktail, the holidays aren’t the holidays if there aren’t some delicious sips being served.

Before you start stressing over which holiday cocktails to make this season, take a look at these celebrities’ recipes.

Pomegranate Champagne Punch – by Kourtney Kardashian  

The Kardashians are experts are throwing parties, so we’re sure that Kourtney’s pomegranate-infused cocktail is a hit. The drink includes bubbly champagne and tart cranberry juice with a splash of Grand Marnier for an added kick.


The Everyman’s Sidecar – by Gwyneth Paltrow

As the founder of Goop, Paltrow’s list of New Year’s cocktails is never-ending. One of her easiest to make is her Everyman’s Sidecar, which involves four ingredients for a strong Prohibition-era beverage: cognac, Cointreau, lemon and lime.


Cozy Cocktail – by Meghan Markle

Back in the day (before Prince Harry) the former actress ran the lifestyle site the Tig, where she provided fans with tons of helpful recipes. One recipe in particular was her cozy holiday cocktail, which included warm almond milk, vanilla and a splash of bourbon for a by-the-fireplace feel.