3 Cocktail Recipes That Are Basically Made For Coffee-lovers

If there’s anything we’ve discovered this summer, it’s that our inner mixologists have been there all along. Who needs to buy an expensive craft cocktail when you can make a perfectly good one at home?

Now that fall is officially here, we’ve found ourselves especially intent on finding the ultimate autumn cocktail mixtures — something that will invigorate our fall routines and make us feel okay about kissing the lazy days of summer goodbye.

Our findings have been anything but disappointing as we reignite our love for coffee-infused cocktails. Tia Maria — the delicious brand of cold-brew infused liqueur — is debuting a new look. Ever true to its message — “One of a Kind” — Tia Maria highlights its uniqueness through the new design, opting to express the authentic character and the brand’s dynamic energy.

To celebrate, we’ve put together some easy-to-make cocktail recipes for you to sip on all season. On top of breathing new life into your next happy hour, you can whip them up at your next dinner party to intrigue guests with your fresh take on beloved cocktail classics.

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