3 Diet-friendly alcoholic beverages

While we cringe at the thought of stepping on the scale or trying to wear track pants as trousers to work or stuffing ourselves into every single article of clothing that we swear has shrunk, why not check out some alternative drinks to minimize the bulge?

Keep the calories low with these beverage suggestions.

Go big or go home

shot glass isolated 3 Diet friendly alcoholic beverages

We’re talkin’ hard liquor here! The benefit of drinking the “big boy” sips is that you can consume less to achieve your preferred level of inebriation. Hence, fewer calories. For example, the pride and honour of Mother Russia — vodka — contains approximately 104 calories per shot (35 millilitres). Gin contains 98 calories per shot, and Vermouth only 64.

Keep it classy

isolated red wine 3 Diet friendly alcoholic beverages

Classy is always better, no? May we interest you in some wine? Despite being incredibly delicious in a this-is-so-good-it-must-be-bad-for-me way, wine is actually low in calories. A glass of wine (or 150 millilitres) is approximately 100 calories; the count varies depending on the type of wine.

The lazies

isolated beer bottle white 3 Diet friendly alcoholic beverages

Now, this one is entirely up to your self-control. (Uh-oh.) If consumed responsibly, beer can be a dietary drink. For example, an average beer has approximately 150 calories per 350 millilitres, a light beer about 110 calories, and a dark ale is 170 calories.

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