3 Drinks To Keep Your Kidneys Clean

Your kidneys are the body’s star toxin-filtering team and need your support to do their job well. Because detoxing is their prime directive, you don’t need to feed them any trendy detox aid or supplement. You just need to make sure you stay properly hydrated. However, keep in mind that not all drinks are created equal in terms of kidney health.

Following are the five best drinks to keep your kidneys clean and happy. Start pounding more of them now because kidneys do more than just filter waste. They also help maintain a healthy blood pressure, keep your bones strong by producing vitamin D, make red blood cells, and balance the body’s pH level. We told you this is an all-star team!


Drinking a moderate amount of wine has been found to lower your risk of kidney disease by about 37%. Among people who already have kidney disease, those who drink somewhat less than one glass of wine per day are 29% less likely to have accompanying cardiovascular disease. Take your wine in moderation, though. Drinking too much is going to do just the opposite of what you hope to achieve. Not only is it dehydrating, but it also has an adverse effect on kidney function and can raise your blood pressure.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is great for preventing and treating urinary tract infections. This is because cranberries have compounds that are able to stop e. coli from hanging around in the urinary tract. E. coli is the type of bacteria that causes between 80-90% of all diagnosed UTIs.

Cranberry juice is also good for your kidneys because they are part of the urinary tract. Untreated UTIs can move from the bladder to the kidneys and cause a seriously painful infection called pyelonephritis. If that isn’t treated, it can spread on to the bloodstream and cause a life-threatening illness.

 Ginger Tea

Ginger is super healthy because it contains a compound called gingerol that can inhibit the spread of bacteria. This relieves strain on your overworked kidneys and liver.

Some studies have shown that ginger can also help to control chronic high blood sugar, which is very damaging to your kidneys. In healthy people, drinking ginger tea may reduce the risk of developing diabetes. In people with a diabetes diagnosis, it can protect against kidney-related complications.

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