3 Exceptional new wines to buy and try

Most of us have broken all our well-meant 2015 resolutions by now, right? So here’s a new and much more practical resolution you might be able to keep…

Expand your knowledge of wine by finding wines that are new on the shelves. Eschew the same-ol’, same-ol’ wines you’ve been drinking every day after work. Try a wine that you’ve never had before and do so at least once a month!

Not sure where to start? Here’s a list of exceptional new wines – all tasted at the Ex Animo trade tasting – to buy and try.

Restless River Chardonnay 2013

At Restless River, situated in the Hemel en Aarde Valley, they do things different and all by hand. Probably more like the way things were done before mass production. It’s a extremely time consuming wine making process and therefore winemaker Craig Wessels can only produce a few thousand bottles. But this love and care results in special, somewhat rebellious wines that have their own distinctive personality and character.

river wines e1425988073409 3 Exceptional new wines to buy and try

The 2013 Restless River Chardonnay is sophisticated and elegant. A delicate use of oak, combined with ripe fruit and a fresh acidity ensures a well balanced, exciting wine that will reward with a bit of aging.


Force Majeur 2014

Meaning “superior force”, this moreish Chardonnay is produced by Johan Meyer from JH Meyer Signature Wines. This small boutique wine producer is situated in Riebeek Kasteel and produce hand crafted natural wines from small plots off vineyards in the south coast region of South Africa.

johan meyer wines 3 Exceptional new wines to buy and try


Spioenkop Sauvignon Blanc 2012 

Koen and Lore Roose imported South African wines in Belgium before they acquired Spioenkop, situated in the Elgin Valley, in 2005. Winemaker Koen is widely known in the South African wine industry for his ”crazy” antics and are always pushing the envelope, both in the cellar and in the vineyard.

spioenkop SB 3 Exceptional new wines to buy and try

The 2012 Spioenkop Sauvignon Blanc has a brilliant crystal colour and an abundance of granadilla notes on the nose. The wine is purely made from grapes that come from Elgin. It’s a elegant wine that’s not only sexy but an extremely unique South African Sauvignon Blanc.