3 Las Vegas Cocktails You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

If you are a Vegas regular, then you’ve already seen people walking along the Strip with larger than life refreshments. Even when you think you’ve tasted them all, there are so many other drinks you have yet to try. Few places beat Sin City when it comes to extraordinary and unique experiences and these three drinks are no exception.

A$$Juice @ The Double Down

ass juice 3 Las Vegas Cocktails You Cant Get Anywhere Else

Double Down Saloon has been telling guests to just shut up and drink since the early nineties. The dive bar is still going strong with Ass Juice, a fruity vodka concoction that started when a liquor company was promoting a cheap knockoff of Jagermeister complete with bandoliered shot girls.

Witch Doctor at VooDoo Lounge

voodoo witch doctor 3 Las Vegas Cocktails You Cant Get Anywhere Else

The VooDoo Lounge at Rio Hotel & Casino is known for a great view of Las Vegas and crazy cocktails, like the mammoth-sized “Witch Doctor”. Loaded with a bunch of different rums and juices, this drink is big enough to share. The dry ice is, however, the star of the show, causing an eerie effect of smoke blowing over the glass. Very voodooish…

Irish Car Bombs at O’Shea’s

thursday carbombs every thursday osheas irish pub 3 Las Vegas Cocktails You Cant Get Anywhere Else

This controversial shooter is made by dropping this shot of Bailey’s and whiskey into a pint of Guinness. If not drunk immediately the drink will curdle.

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