3 Types of Beer to Enjoy This Summer

Enjoying a nice cold beer on a hot summer’s day is one of the joys of life. So why not try one of these types of beer that will help you enjoy your summer just a little bit more.

1. Summer Lagers

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A nice cold summer lager can create an evening like no other. Lagers offer a light, crisp taste that pairs well with shellfish, light seafood, or grilled chicken.

Lagers vary between light and dark, but typically a light lager will be what you search for on a summer’s night. Strong cheeses pair great with dark lagers, which will enhance your experience even more. Either choice will have you feeling refreshed at any time of the day.

Summer lagers come in all shapes and sizes, so we definitely recommend any tropical lager that can make you feel like you are on the beach with your toes in the sand. Any beer store in Savannah, GA will offer you some tropical lagers that you would definitely not want to miss.

2. Any IPA

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IPA beer is something that has taken our culture by storm, and it doesn’t look like it is stopping any time soon. They offer some of the best flavors that will surely make a beer hater think twice about their decision.

An IPA beer will pair great with foods that are heavier, like pasta or french fries. The IPA counterbalances the salty taste, which will make it one amazing type of beer to enjoy this summer. Pair it with your favorite fish and chips and watch the smile come to your face.

You’ll never go wrong with an IPA, simply because you can find one that is right for you, even if you never really drink IPA drinks. Summer offers the best atmosphere for you to crack open an IPA and talk around a campfire with some friends. Get out there and find the IPA that will make your summer so much more fun!

3. Dark and Imperial Stouts

best stout porter winter social 3 Types of Beer to Enjoy This Summer

A stout beer is similar to a dark lager, but there is one major difference. Stouts offer one of the best-tasting beers for warmer weather, which is why it is on our list of top styles of beer to try!

Dark stouts and imperial stouts are the two most common types that you will encounter, and both play a major role when you pair them with some of your favorite foods. Dark stouts pair great with strong cheeses, while imperials will pair great with that vanilla ice cream you love to eat on summer nights. Either will offer flavor notes that will knock your socks off every time you drink them.

You’ll never go wrong with any type of stout on a hot summer’s day or cool summer’s night. The only thing you have to do now is pick what one you want to enjoy tonight. Enjoy, and always drink responsibly!