3 Ways to tell if your wine has gone bad

If we’re being honest, there’s a solid chance most of us have powered through a glass—or three—of less than perfect wine before admitting to some flaws (personal, or the wine’s). But when a bottle of wine has really gone bad, even the thirstiest among us can’t rationalize another sip.

But how can you tell if a wine’s gone bad? Beyond popping the cork and accidentally releasing ghosts or live bats, there have to be some more obvious visual or sensory clues, right? Fortunately, yes, there absolutely are. They’re not too hard to identify, and they’re (generally) conveniently packaged in a few sensory categories.

The Eyes

Looking at wine is a central part of enjoyment. You know, that thing you do at a wine tasting when you stare intensely at your wine as if you just realized it was blackmailing you? Except you’re appreciating the color, and to some extent getting a preview of maybe some lush blackberry or bright citric flavors to come. Get used to looking at wine, and you’ll be better at detecting if it’s gone bad.

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