4 Interesting Facts About Cocktails No One Told You

Cocktails have been an irreplaceable part of the spirits world ever since its invention. To cock a horse’s tail and make it look more energetic for the show, the horse dealer would give it a ginger concoction. Later adding spices like ginger or black pepper to gin, wine or beer came to be called cocktails!

Raise A Toast

Why do we toast? The Ancient Romans used to put a piece of toast into their wine for good health. This led to the origin of the term ”to raise a toast.”

3 Sip Rule

In Texas, USA there is a weird and wacky law that forbids drinkers from having more than three sips of beer in a row during the Memorial Day weekend.

Tom and Jerry is named after a cocktail

The cartoon “Tom and Jerry” is named after a Christmas cocktail invented in the 1820s. It was a popular boozy Yuletime drink, essentially eggnog with brandy added in alongside the rum.

The word “cocktail” sounds as dirty as it is

The origins of the word “cocktail” are pretty murky. the first mention of the word “cocktail” was in a British newspaper in 1798. “Cock-tail” (as the word was styled) was used as a slang term for a ginger drink. Apparently at the time, before a horse sale, a dealer would sometimes put a ginger suppository up the animal’s butt, which would cause it to lift its tail, “a raised or cocked-up tail being a sign of a spirited horse.

Getting divorced? Pour yourself a stiff one!