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4 Reasons to drink beer with your breakfast

Bloody Marys and mimosas may be typical go-to tipples during boozy breakfasts and brunches, but today’s endless variety of beer styles and flavors are compelling alternatives for morning imbibing. From beers brewed with breakfast-friendly ingredients, like oats, coffee and even scrapple, to European traditions, the Los Angeles Times explores what craft beer can bring to your morning breakfast routine.

Here are four ways to bring more beer to breakfast.

Coffee Beers

Stouts and porters are the most common styles of beer that use coffee. Coffee also is finding its way into styles besides the malt-driven stouts, and there are some coffee IPAs that find a harmony between the brighter and fruitier coffee roasts and citrusy hops.

stout lead 4 Reasons to drink beer with your breakfast

Wheat Beers

One culture in which beer for breakfast has a particularly long history is Germany, and a tall vase of hefeweizen is the traditional accompaniment to the “second breakfast” common in Bavaria. Light, spritzy and fragrant with yeasty aromas, hefeweizen is a wonderful option for a breakfast beer, whether you’re enjoying a light meal or tucking into a more hearty spread.

striped horse beer 4 Reasons to drink beer with your breakfast


Also known as cerveza preparada, the zesty combination of lime juice, spices and Mexican lager is a popular alternative to the bloody Mary. And there are limitless variations on the Michelada theme. Some use tomato juice, some Clamato, while others forgo the tomato entirely and lean heavily on the lime juice component. However you mix them, a Michelada is improved with a flavorful craft beer.

recipe michelada 4 Reasons to drink beer with your breakfast

Breakfast in your brew

From fruit to shellfish, craft brewers will add just about anything to a brew in the name of experimentation. Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery is no exception. They once used chocolate and Maine lobsters in a beer, and they’ve toyed with more. They also made a beer specifically with breakfast in mind. Beer for Breakfast is a stout that not only features coffee and maple syrup, but also scrapple. The loaf of pork trimmings and cornmeal is a breakfast staple in northeastern states, and it provides an earthy and spicy background to Dogfish Head’s over-the-top ode to the breakfast stout genre.

lobster beer e1488529636829 4 Reasons to drink beer with your breakfast


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