4 Signs Of A Good Bottle Of Champagne

A bottle of Champagne is supposed to be more than just a round of drinks you order at the bar because it’s less about how drunk you get and more about what that bottle represents. Of course, it’s about the taste as well and that is precisely why we are going to go through the four tell-tale signs of a good Champagne bottle so that you don’t end up wasting your money on the cheap stuff.

The Labeling

Whether you are just trying to select a bottle or you are in the business yourself, know that proper labelling is very important and second to only the quality of the drink itself. Pressure sensitive labels for Champagne bottles are always a sign of quality and authenticity and that goes for both the primary label in front, as well as the secondary label at the back of the bottle. However, the back label is even more important as it is supposed to give the customer detailed info on when, where and how it was manufactured. From the point of view of a businessman, we would warn against ignoring the front label because that’s what attracts the eye in the first place.

Is It Really a Bottle of Champagne?

In terms of composition, it may seem as if there is hardly any difference between sparkling wine and Champagne, but “hardly” is the key term here as that subtle variation is the make or break difference between a bottle of wine being termed as just sparkling wine or being elevated to the class of Champagne. All Champagnes are made in the wine province of Champagne in France and the very grapes the wine is made from are also called Champagne grapes. Instead of being fermented in a tank, Champagnes are fermented inside bottles in the same traditional way that they were fermented centuries ago. If your bottle says “Champagne” instead of being marked as sparkling wine and you are buying it from a reputed source, it probably met all the criterions before being marked as so.

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