5 Cannabis Cocktails for the Beginner Bartender

For experienced stoners, the same old method of flower indulgence loses its edge over time. There are only so many times you can fire up that resin-filled pipe or bake a time-intensive batch of edibles. Whether you rely on a sleek dab rig like this for your daily dose of flower, or prefer to sip on a 420-friendly cocktail, opportunities to savor herb are far from few and far between. Luckily, the leaf industry is constantly innovating new exciting ways of appreciating nature’s potent herb. One such creation is what’s known as a flower-friendly cocktail. A delicious and unique beverage combining alcohol and ganja, herb cocktails are quickly becoming popular amongst bartenders and budtenders alike. 

Ready to dip your toes into the flavorful pool of infused libations? Start with these five cocktails for the beginning bartender. 

Start with the spirit

Every 420-friendly cocktail starts with a ganja-infused spirit base, like a heady tequila you can easily make in your own kitchen. First, grab with your preferred herb strain and pour into a sealable jar. Combine with a tasty spirit and leave the sealed container in a dark space for at least 48 hours. For the most potent results, let the mixture infuse for two weeks or until desired intensity is reached. Once the liquor is well steeped, strain the bud several times. Expand your home bar with various infused spirits, and let the journey with 420-friendly cocktails begin. 

Mary Jane margarita 

The most popular cocktail in America rises to new highs with the help of an infused tequila. To make this drink, you’ll need four simple ingredients: infused tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice, simple syrup, and triple sec. Shake everything together and pour it into a vibrant margarita glass. This cocktail is ideal for relaxing pool days and fun-filled Saturday nights alike. 

Spicy buddy mary 

Bloody marys are the go-to brunch beverage but add some flower to the mix, and you might crave this drink all day long. Start by making the ultimate bloody mix that combines lemon juice, tomato juice, garlic, horseradish, and Worcester sauce. To truly spice things up, throw in a chopped jalapeno and some zesty cajun seasoning. Once your mix reaches spicy perfection, toss in a reasonable amount of stoner-friendly vodka, and your buddy mary is ready to be savored. 

Mai high 

This cocktail is perfect for those craving a tropical experience. Fresh lime juice and orange curacao are combined with almond-based orgeat syrup to create a refreshing flavor. Finish the beverage with herbaceous mint and top with a tart bud-infused coconut rum. Bring this mixture to your next seaside meetup, and you’ll quickly become everyone’s favorite beach bum. 

Heady eggnog 

Zest up the holiday season with a glass of rich bud-friendly eggnog. This cocktail requires a bit more preparation and intricacy, but the result is well worth the effort. Prep your egg mixture by separating egg yolks from the whites in separate bowls. Whisk the yolks with some sugar and add heavy cream and vanilla extract until desired thickness is achieved. Pour some infused bourbon and beat the mixture with a trusty stand mixer. Once stiff peaks form, place the eggnog mixture in a fridge for an hour and serve with flavorful grated nutmeg. This cheerful eggnog is sure to ease all your holiday-related worries, allowing you to enjoy the spirit of the season entirely. 


Nothing quite hits the spot like a refreshing homemade ice tea. The citrus notes of fresh lemon and refreshing mint reach new highs with the addition of a leaf-infused peach. You can also forgo the alcohol altogether if you prefer a less rich sipping experience. Whether boozy or bud-heavy, homemade tea is an ideal beverage all hours of the day.

Drink responsibly 

Exploring the realm of infused beverages will reinvigorate even the most well-worn of stoners of their love of herb. These unique libations like the buddy marry and the Mai High are not only enjoyable on the senses, but they also awaken your inner mixologist. Do yourself and your creative mind a favor and treat yourself to a tasty cannabis cocktail.