5 CBD Beverages That Can Help With Pain And Stress Relief

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a regular in some people’s daily routines. Those who partake in CBD consume it for it benefits them in dealing with stress and anxiety. Hence, it’s no surprise that some people are gravitating towards it. It also could help in dealing with diseases such as epilepsy. 

Due to the rising popularity of CBD, it now forms part of many products in the market and comes in different variations. There are products such as CBD Cooling gel of SUPA naturals which has topical applications as the options are limitless. Among the other variations is CBD beverages. Such beverages can be found in specialized retail stores and restaurants. The form in which you consume CBD largely depends on your preferences.

That being said, here’s a list of CBD beverages that can help with pain and stress relief.

1. CBD Water

CBD water has increasingly become one of the most sought-after products on the market. Its popularity has increased steadily and it would seem as though the market has warmed up to it. Although it’s not without question marks.

Athletes tend to succumb to muscular and joint injuries because of the physical demand and stress that sports exert on their bodies. Having a bottle or two of CBD water will help athletes to recover from these injuries. It lessens the pain and also acts as an anti-inflammatory substance. 

Moreover, the average dosage of CBD will vary between products. The general average for CBD water is around 15 mg. Usually, CBD water has a much lower dosage of about two to five mg. The amount of CBD in water is low due to the use of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology decreases the size of CBD particles.

Generally, CBD is known to be an unstable compound that poses great challenges in terms of its storage. CBD water storage options may vary but they are nonetheless limited. Ideally, it should be stored in a cool dry place. It could also be stored in a dark place and be covered to avoid any light from coming in to potentially damage its content. One storage type, grocery store storage, may affect the efficacy of CBD.  When it’s stored in well-lit rooms for a long duration, it could negatively affect the potency of the CBD.

Furthermore, you should know that CBD water is one of the most expensive options you have in terms of buying bottled water. But given the benefits of CBD, it might be worth your pennies.

2. CBD Infused Energy Drinks

The general perception of CBD is it’s already naturally energy-enhancing. Hence, people are already gravitating towards CBD-infused energy drinks because of that specific reason. Although, CBD energy drinks don’t contain substances like guarana which is a common ingredient in traditional energy drinks. It also doesn’t contain the sugar that traditional energy drinks contain, thereby making it a safer alternative to traditional energy drinks.

In addition, CBD energy drinks help to manage stress levels. However, you need to be heedful of the dosage you’re taking. Drinking them in excess may undo the positive effects of CBD in the drink. 

Also, they contain as much caffeine as you would get in a cup of coffee. Caffeine content ranges between 80 to 130 mg. This makes them a much safer alternative to traditional energy drinks. However, it’s important to take energy drinks in moderation because it still contains CBD. People don’t respond the same to its consumption and a potential overdose may result in adverse effects.

3. CBD Tea

Hemp herbal tea and leaves on gray banner. Calming drink concept.

Tea is a very popular breakfast drink for many people across the world. Therefore, for those people who readily indulge in using CBD, it can be a natural addition to their morning or daily routine. You can get all the benefits of CBD in a cup of tea.

CBD attaches itself to serotonin receptors in your body and helps regulate the neurotransmitter which helps to regulate stress. Drinking a cup of CBD infused tea every morning will help you to start your day off right as it helps to put you in a good mood. 

CBD tea usually comes in the form of teabags. You can get these online or in other selected stores. However, in terms of incorporating CBD into your tea, you can also opt to use CBD oil and then mix it with another oil-based product. This is to improve absorption of the CBD, such as Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil. This needs to be done because CBD oil is not naturally water-soluble. So, you would need to add in extra fat to aid absorption. Nonetheless, CBD infused tea is growing in popularity as a good alternative health beverage because it can easily be featured in your daily routine.

Moreover, in terms of dosage, if you choose to make the tea by yourself, it can be tricky to establish the right amount for you. A range of one to five milligrams is recommended. That being said, you might need to stick to natural CBD tea products to get the best results and avoid repercussions.

4. CBD Coffee

While others prefer having tea in the morning, some people prefer coffee. It has more or less the same effect as tea in terms of helping with stress relief. A cup every morning will help to regulate your mood. If you’re not a fan of tea, this is an alternative for you. 

Perhaps the most obvious concern one can have is regarding the interaction between CBD and caffeine and how they mix. So, it’s important to allow your body to guide you as you consume it. There’s no set standard regarding the dosage at which you will begin to feel the effects of the interaction of those two compounds.

Also, higher levels of heat could negatively affect the efficacy of CBD. Therefore, when consuming CBD coffee, one needs to ensure that the temperature is well-regulated. This could potentially mean that adding CBD oil into a cup of hot coffee decreases the amount of CBD that can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

5. CBD Cocktails

Generally, it’s a given that when people take cocktails, it’s usually to have something to help them to relax. Infusing your cocktail with CBD helps to achieve that sense of relaxation because it contains the properties that aid pain relief and relaxation. For example, it limits the uptake of anandamide which is a molecule your body produces to regulate pain and enables you to experience feelings of joy. Albeit that the relaxation effect is mild. 

From the Margherita to the cosmopolitans, there’s usually no limit to how much bartenders can play with the combination of CBD and a cocktail.  However, CBD oil in its purest form does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), so the probability of there being a clash with alcohol in the cocktail is greatly reduced making it safer to consume. But since people react differently to CBD, it is rather wise to stick to smaller dosages per serving. It’s also wise to avoid driving if you’re having CBD-infused cocktails.

Key Takeaway

As CBD grows in terms of popularity, we’re seeing a rise in the number of CBD-infused products that are entering the market. The range of choice is widened drastically. Moreover, there’s evidence that CBD beverages help with pain and stress relief. It’s mostly up to you to determine the beverage that works for you. However, its effectiveness depends on the dosage you consume. Therefore, before indulging in any CBD beverage, it’s best to do further research to establish information about dosage and efficacy.