5 CBD Infused Beverages You Should Try In 2022 

CBD is one of the most talked-about health crazes at the moment and is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Even though cannabis is known for inducing psychoactive effects, CBD is different and won’t induce any mind-altering effects but will deliver a wide variety of health benefits including pain relief, anxiety relief, antidepressant effects, and many more. Since legalization and the growing demand for CBD, there has been a lot of innovation which has resulted in a wide selection of CBD products being developed, a lot of which you can buy at Grasscity. This includes CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, topicals, and more. However, lately, CBD-infused beverages have started becoming more popular. Customers love this product and the market keeps expanding with new and unique products consistently being developed. To learn more about CBD-infused beverages, more specifically the top 5 CBD beverages in 2022 that you should try, keep reading. 

CBD infused Tea 

CBD-infused tea can generally be found in tea bags but can also be brewed by using a few drops of CBD oil in hot water. When using the latter method to make CBD tea, it’s important to note that CBD oil is not a water-soluble substance, therefore you should add a form of fat to improve absorption when making tea this way. This can be in the form of coconut milk or MCT oil. People love this product for its effectiveness in alleviating stress and anxiety and promoting relaxation and better sleep. When consuming CBD tea, it is recommended that you begin with a smaller dose and then gradually increase with time. This product is also best served at night time.

CBD infused coffee 

CBD infused coffee is another CBD infused beverage that has hit the market and this product offers consumers a mix of a stimulant with the coffee and a mild sedative with CBD that has relaxing and calming effects. There are many blends available as well, with different blends promoting different effects such as focus, elevated mood, and energy restoration to name a few.  This is a popular product because many people love coffee and when you add CBD into the mix, the side effects of caffeine such as increased heart rate, are combatted.

CBD infused water 

CBD water is a result of CBD particles being infused with water and is one of the newest CBD-infused beverages to hit the market. The most popular type of CBD-infused water is sparkling water and it can be bought in one of many flavors. This drink is said to benefit health by lowering anxiety, improving mood, and reducing inflammation which is why CBD-infused water is recommended for post-workout recovery. 

CBD infused cocktails 

CBD has also infiltrated the alcohol market and now you can purchase CBD-infused cocktails for your dose of alcohol and cannabis. People of the world love alcohol and the alcohol industry is one of the leading and most stable industries worldwide. So it’s not hard to see why this product is popular in the cannabis community as well, especially because alcohol drinks are also among cannabis consumers. You will find everything from CBD Gin & Tonic, CBD margarita, and CBD martinis to name a few. CBD-infused cocktails are believed to reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

CBD Infused Seltzers 

A seltzer is flavored sparkling water that has a spike of alcohol in it and now, you can find CBD infused Seltzers in a variety of flavors such as lemon-lime, pomegranate, grapefruit, and Ginger Basil just to name a few. This product offers a convenient way to consume CBD in a fast-acting and flavorless way.  CBD infused Seltzers are refreshing, light, and have a clean taste with a well-balanced flavor. Consumers love CBD-infused Seltzers because it provides a fun way to consume CBD. 

Drinking CBD-infused beverages is a convenient and discreet way to consume which many people prefer, especially new consumers. Whether you prefer water, tea, coffee, or cocktails, CBD beverages have something for every preference and the market keeps expanding and introducing new products to the cannabis community. This offers consumers a fun and unique way to consume CBD.