5 DIY Ways To Reuse Empty Wine Bottles

Stuck with an whole lot of empty wine bottles? We’ve got some DIY suggestions for you.

Make a lamp

Use hardware from an old lamp you don’t like anymore and turn it into a wine or beer bottle lamp. Click here for instructions.

Make chalkboard bottles

You can write anything you want on them, like swear words or Justin Bieber’s name. Find out how to make them here. You’ll need need is chalkboard paint.

Candle Holders

You have wine. You have candles. You have art! If your candle is too wide to fit in the neck of your bottle, melt the bottom of the candle with another one. Melting the wax slightly will also help it stick better.

Garden border

This Wine Bottle Border Project from Readymade provides a fabulous garden border delineation. This refined wine bottle border and more rustic version would also do the trick.

Bird feeder

This hanging hummingbird feeder is the perfect tasting room for your flying friends. It is crafted with a beautiful copper coil hanger, 14 inches long and a special hard molded plastic feeder that is made of recycled material. Click here for more info.