5 Drinks that should be on your South African Summer Holiday checklist

The warm weather in South Africa has not let us down this year – no wonder UK, German and Asian tourists are heading to these sunny shores more than ever.  The most important question is what to drink while you’re away on your summer holiday?

Here’s a definitive guide to drinking your way through the heat.

Cocktail Spritzers 

You have to be careful what you drink when it’s hot, because alcohol tends to make you feel like you’re boiling from the inside out anyway. If you are looking for something new and refreshing to cool you down, we suggest you give Original Mason’s a try. This exciting new cocktail spritzer range comes in four of your favourite cocktail flavours – Cuban Mojito, Moscow Mule, Grand Cosmo, and Piña Colada.

Original Mason’s is available at select TOPS at SPAR stores across the Western Cape. The price is R98.00 for a pack of 4.

Slightly Sweet Rosé Wine

Fans of semi-sweet wines should know this: It goes really well with breakfast! You read that right. The other day I enjoyed a glass of Slanghoek Vinay Rosé with toasted croissant, marscapone and compressed strawberries at FOXCROFT in Constantia and it was a taste experience unlike any other.

The Slanghoek Vinay Rosé is available online. Order a case of 6 for only R192.00.

Methode Cap Classique

The Champagne of South Africa! No holiday is complete without a couple of bottles in the fridge. If serving at home, put the glasses into the freezer for a while to ensure the bubbles stay cold. My absolute favourite MCC originates from Franschhoek and the Chardonnay as well as Pinot Noir grapes from which the wine was made, were produced on La Motte.

Visit the La Motte wine estate over the holidays and pick up a bottle for R299.00. You can also order the wine online.

A Classic Beer

Well, why not? South Africa produces fantastic beer. From the classic lagers, trough to the up-and-coming artisan craft beers. A long glass of liquid nectar is all you need to cool and refresh. This year I stumbled upon RedRock, a range of craft beers that celebrates the open freedom of our country and the endless roads that need to be explored. The brewery has released four rocking beers, paying tribute to the likes of Willie Nelson, Jim Morrison, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and good old Rock & Roll in general.

The RedRock range is available at Liqour City, Tops@Spar, Makro, PnP and at The Franschhoek Cellar. Expect to pay around R30 per bottle.


If you’re feeling like something sweeter than a beer, then a cider might be the perfect option. It’s light and fruity, but still has that distinct beer flavour you love. Over the past year or so, ciders started popping up in the craft market and one of my favourites hails from Alpha Craft.  Bittersweet apples are used to create the crisp and dry flavours in Alpha Dry Cider. We consider this one a huge crowd-pleaser that ranks high on the repeat-drinkability scale.