5 Fabulous Gift Ideas For Every Drinks Lover

If a friend or relative enjoys relaxing with an alcoholic beverage once in a while (or regularly) and has a birthday or celebration coming up, what better gift to give than something alcohol-related. 

The drinks gift industry is extensive, which means that you are no longer limited to giving them a bottle of their favorite tipple. The market is flooded with an array of great alcohol related presents to suit a range of ages and tastes. Here are 5 fabulous gift ideas for every drink lover. 

Personalized glasses

Drinks glasses make a lovely gift for a host of different occasions and personalized glasses take it to another level. Many companies can laser engrave a message of your choice onto a range of glassware. Not only will it be a gift that can be treasured for years to come, but the recipient will know how much effort you have gone to in a bid to make it a little more special. Many companies can also engrave bottles of wine or spirits, so if you wanted, you could create a fully personalized set.

Glass markers

These are the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys entertaining guests at home. Each glass marker comes with has a unique charm and is easily attached to the bottom of wine glasses or champagne flutes. This makes each glass instantly recognizable and ensures that drinks glasses don’t get mixed up. They come in a range of styles and themes and make a lovely and thoughtful gift. 

Craft beer 

Craft beers are typically made by small independent brewers and come in a variety of different and diverse flavors. Lots of people enjoy trying new craft beers regularly, so if your gift recipient is a fan, why not buy them a mixture of craft beers to try? If you want to take it a step further, consider putting together a gift hamper. You can include beer-friendly snacks as well as some lovely beer glasses. If you aren’t sure about beer glass matching, there’s lots of information online to help you choose the right glass for your beer of choice. 

Whisky tasting experience

A whisky tasting experience is a very unusual but fabulous gift. The voucher recipient will get a brief history of how whisky is made as well as taking a tour of the distillery. They would usually also be given the opportunity to sample a variety of different whisky’s that they may not have tried before. It is a great day out and a gift that will be remembered for years to come. 

Cork holder frame

This is a particularly great gift for those who love drinking champagne or wine and like keeping the corks. The frames come in a range of shapes and sizes and usually have a hole in the glass at the front to allow the corks to be put inside with ease. It’s a really lovely way to display corks from your favorite bottles and will add a unique feature to any home.