5 Fun Facts about Mulled Wine

It remains unclear who proclaimed 3 March Mulled Wine Day, but this hot beverage deserves to be celebrated for its global popularity.

Here are 5 fun facts about Mulled Wine:

Main ingredients remained the same over the years.

Mulled wine is a traditional holiday treat in countries where the winters get fairly cold. When emigrants from these countries arrived in North America, they brought this tasty tradition with them. Today there are a wide variety of different mulled wine recipes for those enjoying the beverage; some main ingredients, however, have not changed. The main ingredients in mulled wine are red wine and cinnamon sticks.

Preparation requires patience

As you heat the wine, it is important to not burn off the alcohol. This requires careful, slow heating and also the use of a thermometer. The perfect temperature is 160 degrees F. The danger of losing alcohol content begins at 167 degrees F.

The Romans invented Mulled Wine

We can thank the ancient Romans for having spread the recipe across their colonies. Just like modern-day Italians, their ancestors couldn’t stand average quality wines, so they invented mulled wine as an efficient way to make unremarkable wine tastier and more aromatic.

Mulled Wine has various names

Mulled wine is known the world over by a number of different monikers. In Germany the beverage is referred to as “Glühwein,” while in Italy it is known as “vin brulé.” In France, the same beverage is called “vin chaud.”

Spices preserves the wine

Did you know that you can prepare a couple of bottles of mulled wine ahead of time and then save them for the next time you are in the mood? The spices act as preservatives and will keep the brew fresh.

Make your own mulled wine.