5 Hangover-Inducing Drinks To Avoid When Day-Drinking

When we think of having a few drinks, most of us think about an evening out with friends and co-workers. But, if you’ve ever been a football tailgate or a brunch that lasted longer than expected, you’ve definitely experienced the delight known as day drinking.

If you’re drinking during the day, the odds are you’re in for a rough day, or at the very least, a mid-afternoon nap.

If you’re going to booze it up during the day, you’re likely to overdo it. The biggest offender of potential hangovers? Wine. Seventy-seven percent of drinkers saying that wine leaves you feeling the worst. But wine isn’t the only culprit for nausea and headaches; vodka, champagne, beer, whiskey, tequila, and rum all contribute to those symptoms, too.

Day drinking is a marathon, not a sprint. Always make sure to stay hydrated and always have a designated driver. And try to avoid these five hangover offenders if you want to be lucid the morning after.