5 household problems solved with wine corks

Do you enjoy a glass of wine on a regular bases? Don’t throw away those corks. Those cast-offs from your pinot are more useful than you think.

Keep hoses and cords in check

Tangled cords or hoses can make you reach for a bottle of cabernet! Keep your extension cords and hoses neat with this easy trick. Drill two holes in a cork, lace a piece of bungie cord through the holes and tie the ends. Loop the cord around the hose or cord and then around the cork.


Give your plants a little cushion

Terracotta or ceramic pots can scuff tabletops and windowsills. To ensure your plants bring joy instead of dismay, cut a cork into four disks with a knife and hot glue them to the bottom of your pot. The corks will give the plant a soft base that won’t damage your furniture or windowsills.

Turn it into your cat’s favourite toy

You can make a quick cat toy from a cork by carving out the center of a larger cork with a small knife and fill the inside with catnip. Make sure to pack the catnip tightly so it doesn’t come spewing out all over your carpet.


Turn corks into candles

Make outdoor candles for your next get-together by soaking corks in acetone alcohol or grill lighter fluid for a week. Place one of the soaked corks in a votive holder and light.

Turn a cork into a pincushion