5 Interesting facts about Chateau Libertas

Chateau Libertas is one of South Africa’s most iconic wines and a household brand to most of us in South Africa.May 2012 marks the 80th birthday of Chateau Libertas and to celebrate this remarkable milestone we take a look at 5 interesting and fascinating facts about the brand.

  1. Chateau Libertas has never skipped a vintage.
    Not a year has gone by since 1932 when Chateau Libertas hasn’t been available. William Charles Winshaw created South Africa’s first lightly wooded dry red blend back then and thanks to popular demand Chateau Libertas grew from strength to strength without any interruptions.
  2. One bottle of Chateau Libertas sold for R20 000 at the Nederburg Auction
    A bottle of 1940 Chateau Libertas fetched a remarkable price of R20 000 at the 1985 Nederburg Auction. At 2011 Nederburg Auction, a trio of bottles from 1961 went for R20 000. That’s a whopping R6 666 for a 750ml bottle. A six-bottle case of the 1965 sold for R14 000, and a six-bottle case of the 1967, for R8 800.
  3. Cabernet Sauvignon was the main blending component in Chateau Libertas for many years
    Since 1932 the main grape in Chateau Libertas was Cabernet Sauvignon. There has never been a fixed recipe for the blend in order to remain loyal to the original intention of the wine – to please with an approachable, well-balanced and layered combination of fruit and wood and the structure to age. Cinsaut was a component of the blend until the turn of the century but with the dramatic reduction in plantings that is no longer the case. The current blend still features Cabernet Sauvignon but also Shiraz, Merlot, Ruby Cabernet and even Petit Verdot.
  4. In 1978 Chateau Libertas retailed at R26 a bottle. In 2012 it retails at R34
    The price of Chateau Libertas increased from 1 shilling back in the 1940’s to R26 in the late 70’s. Today you will fork out a mere R34 for a bottle.
  5. Production of Chateau Libertas increased from 300 000 litres in 1978 to 2.2 million litres in the year 2000.
    Chateau Libertas became so popular in South Africa during the 90’s that volumes grew to an all-time high of 2.2 million litres in 2000. Today it sits at 800 000 litres.