5 Marvelous Facts About Milk

Milk is marvelous. Its been around for over 10,000 years but only consumed on rare occasions. The first people to drink milk regularly were early farmers and pastoralists in western Europe. They were also some of the first humans to live with domesticated animals. Today, drinking milk is common practice across the globe.

The first dairy animal to be domesticated was the sheep around 9,000 years ago. This was followed by goats and cattle in the next thousand years, then donkeys, water buffalo, and horses.  In fact, donkeys provide milk that is closest to human mother’s milk and was used for sick or orphaned infants. Subsequently, camels, llamas, reindeer, and yaks were domesticated.  All of these species were milked by early farmers.

To recognise the importance of milk as a global food, World Milk Day is celebrated annually on 1 June since 2001. Considering the fact that over six billion people worldwide consume milk and dairy, it’s no surprise there was a need to celebrate this healthy beverage!  So pour yourself a glass of creamy goodness and celebrate World Milk Day with these marvelous facts.

The Dent In A Milk Bottle Is There For A Reason

Have you ever notice the dent in the side of a milk bottle wondered what purpose it serves? There are in fact two purposes of the dent that are very beneficial.

Avoid Spilling Milk By Pouring It This Way

No use crying over spilled milk as it's a thing of the past! The next time you try to pour milk, simply use this simple trick. Just pour milk from the other side of the carton. It not only helps in h

People Used to Put Live Frogs in Their Milk to Keep It Fresh

What lengths would you go to keep your milk fresh? Would you go so far as to drop a frog in your milk? Ancient Russian folklore suggests that that is exactly what people used to do in the days before

Milk in tea significantly prevents teeth staining, researcher says

Those who prefer a bit of milk in their tea have a reason to smile: according to research from the University of Alberta, a splash of dairy in a cup of tea can help keep teeth pearly white.

Milk Helps You Lose Weight

Does milk help advance weight loss? This might come as a surprise to most of us because many of the popular diet programs exclude or minimize milk and other dairy products as part of their regimes.�