5 Reasons Northern Mariana Islanders Enjoy the Café Experience

Coffee is a beloved drink around the world. In 2002 alone, the global consumption of coffee per day hit a mind-boggling 2.25 billion cups. And that’s probably a good thing. A single cup of black coffee contains essential nutrients like Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B3, among others. It’s also said to improve your energy levels and help you burn fat. Plus, few people can resist a good old cup of joe; it’s delicious, inexpensive, and has a comfortingly familiar taste. 

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That’s why it’s no wonder that café culture prevails around the world. No matter where you travel to, you can expect to find a place that serves good coffee. Globalization has expanded the reach of many famous coffee chains, which means that you might see a branch even while you’re away from home. But why not try a local café? After all, this is where you can sample familiar coffee flavors that are made new with a local twist. 

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or CNMI for short, has a vibrant café culture of its own. Alongside delicious Chamorro, all-American, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, and seafood grill restaurants, it is also home to several excellent cafés. Northern Mariana Islanders frequently visit cafés for their daily dose of java—and for a short pause from their busy, exciting lives.

If you’re a tourist to the Northern Marianas and you’re looking for good coffee, you’ll have a great time checking out the hippest cafés in CNMI. Not only will you find a coffee that hits the spot—you’ll partake in a café experience that is unique to the islands! To help you learn more, here are five reasons why café culture has a large following in CNMI.  

Diverse Offerings

For one, you’ll find different café establishments scattered across the islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. No two cafés will be exactly the same. If you frequently buy from popular coffee chains at home—and you’d like something a little different—this is what you can look forward to. Offerings from CNMI will afford your palate something different and give you a refreshing break from the usual joe you’re used to. 

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Adult travellers shouldn’t be the only ones looking forward to visiting a café. Several CNMI cafés, like Summer Snow Bakery & Café and Twinkle Kids Café, have areas that are especially for kids. This way, while the adults kick back and relax, kids can be treated to a special café experience of their own. 

Seriously Good Coffee

In a CNMI café, the coffee will speak for itself. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet brew or something simple and tasty, you’ll find something to satisfy you when you order a cup. 

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Some menu offerings, like that of popular restaurant The Shack Saipan, are quite simple. They offer their house hot drip and cold brew iced coffee, but you can also customize with soy milk, oat milk, or flavored syrup. Options like these will make it easy for you to craft your ideal beverage. 

Delicious Food

When you think of coffee, you likely also think of the foods that go with it. It’s common knowledge that anything in an all-American or continental breakfast spread—like sandwiches, pastries, and fruits—go great with coffee. But why not try a Filipino breakfast and pair a strong black cup with your choice of meat, eggs, and garlic fried rice? 

Northern Mariana Islands breakfast 5 Reasons Northern Mariana Islanders Enjoy the Café Experience

In the Northern Marianas, you can always expect good food to accompany your beverage. Treat yourself to the best of international cuisine as well as world-class coffee. 

Socializing Opportunities

Just like anywhere else in the world, CNMI cafés are a prime spot to socialize. The laid-back atmosphere and dining experience are perfect for catching up or meeting new friends. 

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The vibe at a Northern Mariana café will likely be very friendly. When the opportunity for conversation presents itself—be it with a local or a fellow traveller—do join in. Just remember to be courteous, attentive, and open-minded. This is one of the best ways to learn what you can discover about CNMI, beyond the café’s walls. 

Ambience Fitting for the Islands

Lastly, café culture just lends itself perfectly to island living in the Northern Marianas. When you’ve got access to the most breathtaking views in the Pacific, what better way to enjoy them than with a cup of hot brew? When you’re tired from a hot day out at the beach, what better way is there to refresh than to down some tasty iced coffee? 

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Residents of CNMI know the answers to these. And that’s why café culture persists here!

Achieving the Perfect Café Experience in the Northern Marianas

How should you kick off your search for the ultimate café experience in CNMI? There are three simple things you can do: 

  • decide on the cuisine and ambience to go with your coffee
  • ask the locals of CNMI for their top recommendations
  • open your palate to both the familiar and the unexpected

You can look forward to a number of things on your next CNMI vacation. Seriously good java, brewed just the way you like it, is one of them!