5 Reasons to Add Thyme Tea to Your Anti-Stress Toolbox

One of the best things about tea is that it’s always there when you need it, no matter why you need it. Have digestive issues? Want to sleep more soundly at night? Feel a cold coming on? There’s a tea for virtually every purpose. Heck, even the ritual of brewing a cup of tea is therapeutic on its own. While teas like green, chamomile (my fave), or black are the most popular, there are many other less buzzed-about teas that also come chock-full of benefits, thyme tea included.

Thyme tea, as its name suggests, is a tea made from thyme leaves. “Thyme is a perennial shrub with greenish-gray aromatic leaves,” says chef, nutritionist, and Reiki master Serena Poon, CN, CHC, CHN. “It originates from southern Europe and countries bordering the Mediterranean but now is considered a common herb that can be found in most grocery stores and farmers markets alongside rosemary, oregano, bay leaf, and sage.”

If you’re looking to add a new tea to your rotation, it’s worth giving thyme tea a try for its taste alone. Although different varieties of thyme have different flavor profiles, it generally contains a mix of fresh, floral, and earthy notes. Need further convincing? It’s also got all sorts of health benefits, from nervous system support to an array of antioxidants and immune-boosting vitamins. Keep reading to learn about the various thyme tea benefits and how to brew the perfect cup. It’s about thyme the tea got its moment in the spotlight, right? (Sorry, had to).

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