5 Spirits Flavoured Like Things You Probably Wouldn’t Eat

People drink some strange stuff.

Charcoal and squid ink cocktails. Wine with mummified human toes.

It’s important to be open to trying new things, but there comes a point when the line can, indeed, be crossed. And, yes, mummified anythingarguably crosses that line. (At least charcoal supposedly has some health benefits.) But those are just the tip of the crazy.

Some products are meant to shock; others to creep you out. Each of these is bound to do one of those.

Shock Factor: Oddka’s Electricity

It’s hard to fault Oddka for its weird flavor. The brand’s intention is in its name, after all. But when the brand say that it’s “wondered what a bolt of lightning tastes like,” it all starts to sound a little kooky. The bottling answer, it turns out, is “tingly like electricity” and the recommended drinking method is in a shot glass.

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