5 Tips For Storing Beer On The Go

When we talk about beer storage, we talk about maintaining the taste and the preservation of the beer’s freshness. The temperature by which the beer is stored is the most crucial part of the whole procedure.

Nothing spoils an otherwise perfect brew faster than getting a brew that is too cold or too warm. However, there are plenty of other factors that can contribute to the shelf life of your beer. Below is a comprehensive list of the five best ways to store beer.

1. Store Beer In the Correct Position 

Like how you take care of the wine, how great you store beer will determine how long it will retain its flavor and freshness. Always ensure you store your beer in an upright position. This will ensure that all of the yeast in the beer settles at the bottom of the bottle. 

When packing for camp or on a long journey requiring you to carry some beer, you may invest in bottle protectors to keep your beer from leaking during the trip. Bottle protectors are reusable zip bags that can also be resealed for convenience in packing for a trip. 

The protector bag comes with absorbent padding, reducing any chances of stains caused by leaking beer. With this efficient tool, your luggage is safe and easy to store together as one. The zip-top design makes storing and carrying any type of liquid bottle easy. It costs roughly around $20 to %30 and is available in different colors and sizes in stores near you.

2. Maintain the Correct Temperature

Heat ruins your beer within the shortest time possible. You must keep your beer in cool temperatures, not freezing it. However, some people prefer freezing when in storage. If you are one of them, you should avoid this as it may ruin the beer for good, as the taste never goes back the same. 

The best place to store your beer is in the beer cellar for extended storage and the fridge for use now and then. If you store your beer in the refrigerator for an extended period, the dry-out will eventually ruin the cork. 

If you are planning a road trip, how you pack your beer and keep it cold on the go brings out all the best traveling experiences. Consider getting a cooler or insulated storage chest in online stores like Stonex or nearby stores. 

These tools ensure that your beer’s flavor does not change due to high temperature. Get an ice chest or cooler that can hold at least fifteen bottles; the more beer you want to carry along, the bigger, the cooler.

3. Keep a record

Keep track of the beer you’ve consumed immediately after buying it and the beer you’ve saved. Always aim to purchase two bottles or more of each variety of beer that will be kept in storage. Take notes on the flavor, range, texture, depth, and head quality of each drink you consume.

When you have the beer stored, repeat the process and compare the results to determine whether there have been any changes over the storage time. Has the beer gotten better or worse after being stored? You should eventually be able to make informed judgments about what will last longer and be better for storage.

4. Inquire About the Storage Life Span

Understand how you may store long beer, especially if you want to age your booz. Various beers have varied use-by dates depending on the brewing method employed and whether the liquor was intended for immediate or longer-term maturation.

Beer produced in big commercial volumes will frequently have a use-by date, but not all manufacturers will be aware of the shelf-life of their brews may be stored; the possibility spans between six to eight months and 25 years, depending on the brand, storage techniques, and beer quality. 

In short, you simply must consume beer before the expiration date after you purchase it unless the manufacturer offers age suggestions for the particular beer.

5. Do Not Store Open Beer

Even the following day, the carbonation will vanish, leaving you with very flat beer. Use it elsewhere else if you can’t drink it. You may utilize open beer for a variety of fantastic beer-based recipes. These include:

  • Make beer beef stew
  • Make beer battered fried vegetables
  • Green Apple Guinness Melt
  • Use it to exterminate Garden Slugs
  • You could use it for beer bread
  • Use it on your hair. 


In conclusion, these are the five best ways to store beer. If you are taking a beer with you on a trip, choose the right storage option to keep your beer fresh and tasty. Remember, beer is a perishable product and should be treated as such. With the proper storage, you can enjoy your beer for months.