5 Tips To Keep Your Bar Tab Low

Let’s face it, nothing is more sobering that a budgetary hangover. But a night out on town doesn’t have to ruin your bank balance as you try to recount just how many drinks led to your final tally. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you lower your bar bill, with intel straight from those who really know: the folks behind the bar.

Pay as you go

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Man paying with credit card

Don’t keep an open tab. The steps of seeing the amount spent, handing over your card, signing the receipt and adding your tip can slow you down and help keep spending in check. It will also eliminate you forgetting your debit and credit card at the bar.

Use cash only

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Taking along all the cash you’re willing to spend on a night out is a great way of budgeting yourself.  It’s also a great way of limiting your drinking. When the money’s gone, you call it a day.

Order water and non-alcoholic drinks

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We are certainly not suggesting that you drink water all night. Order sparkling water or soda between alcoholic drinks to prevent overspending and overindulging.

Look for specials

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Research discounts before you go out. This includes happy hour! Drinksfeed has an Android app and a Facebook page that will tell you where happy hour is at!

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Be nice to the bar staff

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No waving your cash or card at the bar or insisting you were next up to order. That’s going to get you thirsty, it’s not going to get you a drink. Your bartender will notice if you’re patient and treating him or her as a person, rather than a booze dispenser. While this may not save you money — although you can cross your fingers for a free drink or a generous pour — it may help you save face and earn some kindness in return.