50 Cent Launches “For Winners Only” Champagne For Two Thousand 50 Cents

American rapper 50 Cent has launched his own brand of Champagne. Named “for winners only”, every bottle boasts a gold-plated cross. A bottle of the blanc de blancs will cost you $1,000.

Called Le Chemin du Roi, meaning ‘the king’s path’, each bottle features a 14 karat gold-plated emblem resembling the king chess piece.

The range consists of a brut, rosé and blanc de blancs, retailing for $199, $325 and $999 respectively, although only the pink Champagne has been released so far.

The base-wine is sourced from Reims-based Champagne Castelnau, which is owned by the Coopérative Régionale des Vins de Champagne (CRVC), the same company who produced a sparkling wine called “Angel” for Mariah Carey.

Launched in 2010, it was priced at $1,000 for a brut NV, making it the most expensive example of its type in the history of Champagne. However, it has since been withdrawn from the market.

As for 50 cent, this is not his first foray into drinks branding. The rapper forged a partnership with the Holland-based Effen vodka in 2015, taking a minority stake in the company and promoting it on social media and in his song lyrics.

On his Instagram feed 50 Cent stated that the Champagne is “for winners only”.

Champagne Castelnau’s own range of fizz is priced from £25 to £85.